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Dilemia.. Rider or Wide Area Walk Behind?

13 years ago


New homestead is a about 3/4 acres. Getting too old & lazy for the traditional 22" mower to do the job.

I'm thinking of moving up to a wide area walk behind while family members are talking rider. Haven't been out to kick the tires yet on either so I don't have first hand experience with either but family members are pushing a John Deere rider with no opinions on the wide area walk behinds.

Our yard is pie shaped with some areas to "negotiate" with a walk behind and an area with a (what I'd consider) steep slope. Nothing major in the way yet but a swing set soon to come for the kids.

My thought is, I'd need to keep the 22" handy for the nasty slope and the other areas to get at that I don't think a rider could get near without tipping. On the other hand, a wide area walk behind may allow me to do all of it with the one machine.

Storage of the walk behind seems to be a little less clunky than the rider, but as I say, no true dimensions yet to go on for fact.

Any thoughts or opinions on you experienced folks?


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