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I hope you had your flu shot!!!

16 years ago

I am on DAY 4 of one of the worst cases I have ever had.

I have recently been SICK!!! A monster flu bug that is invading the area got to me....Hit like a ton of bricks on Wednesday and have been mostly bedbound since.... I did crawl out long enough to go to the doc on Friday...gave me TamiFlu...not sure if it helped, but at that point I was ready to try anything....fever for 3 days was enough for me.... This is a high prolonged fever accompanied by heavy chest congestion and all for approximately 7-10 days (doesn't it sound like fun?)....hope you guys have had your flu shots!!

Topping that all off...think I bruised a rib coughing so that even possible? I thought my muscles were sore that you use to cough, but, NO...aak!! I seriously don't know how to cough "delicately". How am I going to get this stuff out of me??

Going back to bed now....very tired.....

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