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what perennial is 4 ft tall right now (1st part of June) zone 5?

14 years ago

I'm looking for more height in the back of my beds.

The tallest thing I have is thalictrum (meadow rue) which is 4 ft tall right now.

What other early height plants do you suggest?

Is Joe Pye weed 4 ft tall now?

Is there a Heliopsis that is 4 ft by now? Mine is H. 'Summer Nights' 3 1/2 ft and has powdery mildew issues by fall so not thinking I'm going to keep it .

My tallest siberian iris is only 3 1/2 ft now as well.

If there are no other options maybe I'll move lilium back there but I prefer them closer to my nose! he he he :)

Please mention your zone when you post. Thx!


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