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doing both leaf composting and leaf mold in same wire bin?

15 years ago


Is there anything wrong with doing BOTH leaf composting and leaf mold in SAME wire bin?

Early May 2008, I set up a 5feet diameter (and 4 feet tall) wire bin and filled it with ~2feet of dried oak leaves.

Then I put in ~2 gallons of fruit/veggie cuttings.

I covered that with several inches of same leaves.

Since then I've done that about 2 more times.

The bin has been moist, then kinda dried (I did water it a bit), and now wet (because of ~daily rain).

Because of the size of the bin, I don't intend to rotate/aerate it.

I've been reading a lot about leaf compost and a lot about leaf mold, but nothing really in between.

--> Can I treat this bin as a leaf mold and let it rot for ?1-3years?

--> Can I continue to add more leaves to it? Can I add more greens (fruit/veggie cuttings) to it?

--> Should I cover the bin with plastic tarp? I think it would dry up once the weather gets hotter in the summer. The bin is in 1/2+ shade.

still learning; want to use the 'black gold' on my sad-sad lawn,

thank you for your help,


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