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Specimen tree, front yard, full sun

9 years ago

Who would like to advise me?

I want to plant a new tree in our western-facing front yard on Long Island (zone 6b) with full sun for most of the day, including all afternoon. The location is near to where our water and sewage pipes travel, fyi. And my front yard is pretty small.

I adore tallish Japanese Maples (25-30 feet), but am not tied to that idea. Especially because it is full sun, and that concerns me. I don't love the ones like Bloodgood that are red all year. I like a green time! Also not a fan of very light pink flowering trees.

My wish list:
1. No foreseen issue with pipes from house
2. Height between 15-30 feet, spread similar range
3. Fall color or attractive variation during the year
4. Able to withstand the full sun
5. Forgiving of sandy soil

Thanks for your ideas!

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