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June Garden photos (add yours please)

14 years ago

I loved so much looking at the May garden photos that I thought I'd start one for June - and also introduce myself. I have dropped in on this forum from time to time to ask an occasional question or search for answers. I have gardened for many years and currently have a large area at my disposal in North Dakota. The winters make it a challenge but the springs and summers are worth the wait. I have a new camera and have been taking bird and flower pictures (and dog) so am enjoying sharing and learning about others' photographic adventures.


Some of my current bloomers:

Anenome sylvestris (yes, it is aggressive, but so happy and pretty that I put up with it)


Tulips and bleeding hearts


creeping phlox


bergenia (one of my major favorites for spring)


A nice clump of yellow tulips that is unfortunately in the place where I would like pink, purple, and lavendar ones


like this - why can't this guy be in a nice clump like the yellows?


In addition to the crabapples (in May thread) the Amur chokecherry is blooming nicely this year


but the apple trees not so much


And this is cheating because I just bought these rose bushes (to replace ones killed by our flood protection efforts this spring) - I'm sure it wouldn't be blooming yet if it had overwintered here. This is Morden Sunrise.



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