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old rose identification help please?

17 years ago

We moved into a 100-year-old farmhouse a few years ago. The first generation planned and cultivated lovely gardens with unusual specimens (from what we've been told by neighbors). Later generations didn't do much gardening. We've been trying to uncover what has survived.

Among other things, we found what appears to be an old rose. When I uncovered it two years ago, it was a barely surviving bramble covered by weeds under a large cedar tree. I weeded and tied it up to trellis, mulched for the winter, and cut out some branches from the cedar to improve sunlight & air circulation.

Last summer it had a single bloom. This year it has had several, and more buds ready to open. It has long arching canes with irregular thorns (some big, some very small; some large clumps but some canes with no thorns). Some canes have one rose at the end, others have groups of 2 or 3 buds. Flower is a hot pink that fades to lighter pink. It looks almost as if it has two buds within each bloom, but no cup-like qualities. Very spicy, almost citrus scent.

I'd appreciate any ideas about identification of this rose. This will help me make sure I give it the attention it needs!

Thank you!

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