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New well, Is 15GPM enough?

13 years ago

I just had a well installed and I didn't realize before the install that I would be getting only 15GPM with a 1-1/2HP pump. The well is 218 feet deep and the outlet pipe is 1-1/4". The well is constant pressure with a cycle stop valve. I plan on having an irrigation system for between 3/4 - 1-1/2 acres and it will be zoned.

I talked to the installer today and he said he could up the pump size to a 2 HP but he would have to check to make sure the wiring size and the pipe size would accomadate the larger pump. He also guesstimated that it would cost me an additional 5 to 6 hundred and it would give me in the neighborhood of 20 GPM flow.

Do I need the larger pump or should I just stay with the 1-1/2 HP pump?


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