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Roots and more roots in soil what to do?

9 years ago

I was turning my moms garden bed today California(zone 9) and there are roots that come up everywhere i turned it. Ive had this problem each year and last year i took out roots i could then rotatilled the soil then added amendment into existing soil then planted Pansys. So here i am today the next year turning the soil and those same roots are there. Turns out some flowering plant my parents planted a number of years ago tends to take over a garden and the roots are hard to get rid of. How can i once and for all get rid of these roots so every year when i plant new flowers in the bed im not digging up more roots along with soil clumped around the roots? as i read about rotatilling it seems thats not always good for the soil. Also the bed needs more soil in it so i bought 2- 3 cubic bags kellogs organic soil mix to add more soil to the area. the area is about 9x4 in size that i want to plant in. Right now im going to water it so when i turn it some more its easier to dig in. With our heatwave we are having atm in 2 days it should be fine to dig in again.

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