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common for heucheras?

16 years ago

Hi all,

Just something I find quite odd. Last summer [or maybe it was the summer before that ...*sigh* must be getting senile] I planted 2 purple heucheras, 'Plum Pudding' as I recall, at my folks' place. Both were about the same size upon planting. Both are in the same bed which surrounds a birdbath. Both get about the same amount of sun as the bed sits in the middle of the yard -- roughly 30 ft from any tree or the house itself. [One might get a touch more shade in the early morning from the birdbath itself as the sun makes its pass.] Both are roughly the same distance from the birdbath. The 2 plants are about 5 ft apart. Yet one plant is easily 2X the size of the other. I'm sort of at loss as to why. Any thoughts?

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