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Orchard irrigation system

12 years ago

Started looking at irrigation systems for the orchard. Anyone have any experience with them? Any recommendations? Anything to avoid? Would like something with a reasonable amount of automation, adjustable flow/drip rates, ability to expand easily, dependable, ability to add fertilizers to the water, lots of shutoff valves, a zoned system would be ideal. I'm not that concerned with cost as long as it works like its supposed to. I want a system with feed lines that are buried. Initially this system would have to handle 60 trees planted on an uphill 300' slope. My water system is pressure regulated at 60psi but can easily be increased or decreased if necessary. What else am I overlooking?

Right now I'm looking at drip irrigation systems. This looks to be the easiest to install and maintain but I'm not sure. These systems look kinda flimsy and cheap, at least the ones I've looked at online.

I'm not looking for someone trying to sell me a product, I'm looking for someone with real world experience.

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