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Questions about RO systems.

12 years ago

I was thinking of adding and RO system to my City water, or well water to get and EC of zero before I add nutrients. I feel that this will give me better control over what I am doing.

The question came when I went to Ebay and saw that there are 100's of RO systems, and they mention stages, and are priced as low at $80.

Is one better than the other (for my purpose), and how much RO water could I get before I had to put more money into it?

Which would be easier on the RO system, to filter City water, or well water. The well has very low iron, and no detectable sulfur. if this isn't the proper forum for this question, please advise me of where to post it.

Also, I am using the water for both a dirt garden, and a Hydroponic system. A pleasant Sunday afternoon to all.


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