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Garden with Chlorine Contaminated Soil

12 years ago

I have a 10' diameter area in my flower garden that was saturated with chlorine from this past December when our well pump was replaced. (the well head is in the middle of my garden).

Just 2 out of a dozen plants actually are alive but are coming in with tiny leaves which are fluorescent green.

My huge maple tree in the garden is also affected, I'm assuming half of the tree roots were soaked so now it's a half and half tree.

I have not been able to find any earthworms either.

I have tons of worms on the other side of the garden which was not soaked.

At this point, what can I add to the soil to bring it back so I can replant?

Do I need to remove the soil altogether and replace it?

This is a 100% shaded garden facing south.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


- Trina

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