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Crosspost from Plumbing re new sprinkler system

9 years ago

Can someone tell me if this bid sounds reasonable?
It's for a new sprinkler system for my lawn. I'm keeping the existing parkway sprinklers, and hooking them up to a new timer.

"Front Irrigation: Install new valve and run new sprinkler line to feed front grass. System will consist of plastic valve and schedule 40 pvc supply line to feed three inch pop-up Toro sprinklers. Total of 10 sprinklers to water front lawn. $470.00

Timer Install: Install new irrigation timer on garage. Run sprinkler wire from valve to new timer. $425.00

The timer is an Irritrol R-series which will be placed next to the power outlet near your garage door. The timer is simply plugged to the closest power source. The wire will run under your house, in thru the vent near the valves and out the vent near your chimney. A small hole will have to be drilled to your garage wall to pass the wire through. Price includes connecting new two valves. I am not sure how far the valves are from the controller but it will be about 60 line feet.

We will use 3" Toro pop-up sprinklers with standard nozzles, align and adjusted. The pipe will be 3/4 schedule 40 pvc pipe buried at 8 inches. Controlled with plastic 3/4 rainbird valve and an Irritrol R-series controller."

What do you think?

Also, is it important that a company be licensed to do this job? Thanks in advance!

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