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First flush beginning with small blooms

8 years ago

We had a cold winter with cold spring. I'd say last week was the first week of nice warm 70s weather. Everything has been delayed. I normally have a full flush going by now and the roses are just starting to bloom. Strangely most plants in the ground are blooming around the bases first. Most bothersome though is the small bloom size. Blooms are about half the size as normal. I've done nothing else differently this year, so I have to say its weather related. This is my Benjamin Britten potted rose. You can see the blooms are about half the size they should be. All roses were topdressed with manure, given bone and blood meal when pruned. Then I gave them a fertilizer two weeks later, and two weeks after that Mills Magic. They are all nicely green and their leaves look nice and healthy, its just the blooms are small! How disappointing to wait and wait for your first flush and get poor blooms!

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