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New system gpm/zone?

14 years ago

I am having a new sprinkler system installed. My source is a 1-1/2hp well that puts out at least 35gpm. The well also drives two geothermal units that can use up to 16gpm total when both are running at high speed. I have 3 of the largest WellXTrol tanks on my system, so the pump gets good run time and does not cycle too much.

My question is... the sprinkler contractors I have talked to want to max each zone to keep the pump always running... I have told them that that does not make sense in my case... I want to make sure my geothermal always has 16 gpm available and the domestic use has a few gpm also... so is it correct to want my sprinkler zones to NOT exceed about 10-12 gpm each? Or should I even be shooting for less? I only have about 15,000 sq ft of lawn and 4 beds of about 1000 sq ft total to water... more zones with less gpm on each is fine with me.

I'd appreciate advice...

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