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Soil mixt for raised veg garden

13 years ago

I posted this in the gardening foruam and then larned there's a Soil and Compost forum!

Anyway for mother's day I built some simple boxes to make raised beds for my wife's garden. I now need to fill the boxes with some good soil. What kind of mix should I use? I went to the hardware store and see they have all sorts of gardening soil, potting soil, topsoil, hummus/compost, etc.

- we're planning on growing tomoatoes, herbs like basil and cilantro, and then a few random items my wife grew from seeds.

- each box is 8 cubic feets, with three boxes thats 24 cu feet!

We've had mixed resuls, at best, in the past planting right in the ground soil. We never tested it so I dont know how good/bad it is.


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