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orbit valve flow rate on timer/off timer

10 years ago

I have installed a sprinkler system in my front lawn as a part of installing new sod (marathon II). I am using orbit Saturn iv sprinklers and an orbit valve. The system works and as a part of adjusting the distance and coverage I went out to make some minor adjustments this morning. I noticed that a few of my sprinklers were not getting the kind of coverage that I had expected so I adjusted the distance screw on the heads and still was not satisfied so I went to make sure that the valve was fully on and also decided to turn the valve "on" manually at the valve while it was running from the timer. I noticed an immediate increase in flow rate, back to where it was originally when I installed the system. I am wondering if this could be an issue with the timer? For some reason when it is powers on manually at the valve it has a much better flow rate/distance from the heads. I am really not sure why this is or how to correct it.

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