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Cordess Drill Battery Rehab

11 years ago

Most of my cordless drills have been Ryobi because I don't need heavy use quality. But of course the batteries only last two or three years.

Eight years ago I bought a used 12 Volt drill and one battery for ten bucks. Had very little expectations for it, worked great for five years. Last year the battery went. I paid Batteries Plus $59 to put new cells in the battery. I like the drill body for compost, and have also recently bought a 18V , which seemed excellent.

Batteries Plus said they used 'good quality' cells which would outlive the orginials. After a little more than a year, I charge the battery up, don't use it, and ten days later it only has enough energy to drill one little hole in pine.

I'm disappointed. Should I be? Thought I'd ask for other opinions before taking it back and seeing what they said.

All this time I've been trying to remember the brand name, two letters (not B&D), two shades of gray in color. Carried by HD, as I got the new 18V one there. Ahhh! Cannot remember.

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