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sport of r gallica officinalis or natl pollinated hybrid

13 years ago

Yesterday, I found one more bloom of the sport/hybrid on r gallica officinalis. I tied a string to the cane, so I can find it later. I cut the bloom and photographed it on the stem and as a closeup front and side.

It was a 2 inch diameter and shaped like a zinnia pompom bloom. The leaflets are alternate. Leaf veins are mostly opposite, with some alternate. It is FRAGRANT! It is once-blooming.

Then I counted petals. This was a fresh, pink bloom, not dried up and brown like the last two. I counted 185 petals!!!

This is a more accurate count, as the previous counts were of dried up brown blooms that may have dropped some petals.

I also counted the "typical" r. gallica officinalis bloom. I got 75 petals for it, which is more than the 20 suggested by Taylor's Rose Guide.

Note this year's set of blooms are about 2 inches in diameter and they are smaller than two years ago in the photo (which are about 3.5 inches.) I shot photos this year and will try to post, but do not have electronic copies yet.

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