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Q#3 Soil test results--what would you do?

11 years ago

Before anyone asks, yes I've searched, and I've read this forum off and on for years. But I still don't know the answer to this question!

I used a home soil test kit this year. Next year, when my new soil/compost mixture has had time to settle, I'll get a lab kit.

The compost is composted leaf mould, and the soil is clay. This is for a vegetable garden. My pH is right at 7.0, maybe as high as 7.2. I'd like to lower by .5 it for the short-term. Long term, I doubt high pH will be a problem because our water is acidic and high in iron, and I'll be using leaf mould in my compost.

I can top-dress with peat moss or sulfur this year--what do you think I should do?

My phosphorus is just a tad below the "high" reading, so it looks good, and my potassium is medium-high, so it seems to be fine. The problem is N, which is the exact color of the "low" reading.

Much of this is because the compost is pretty new, and I'm sure that this will improve as the season progresses, but I want to know what I can do now to give my veggies a quick kick until the soil bacteria begins to multiply and the earthworms show up!

What do you all think about that? And how much N should I apply?

Also, would you still throw more compost on top of a 50/50 mixture (by volume) of soil and compost this year, or would you wait until next year to begin doing that?

I've calculated that my yard can produce about 4-7 cubic yards of leaf mould a year. I think that'll be a start for my gardens!

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