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I have a problem; hope that you have a solution!!!

16 years ago

I have a Poulan 22HP, 54 inch deck. Engine has 49 hours; looks like new; starts & runs very good. Problem is, the thing will not mow!!! Seems that the deck requires 60% of the HP; leaving about 30% for wheel travel, and the remaining 10% for actual mowing. I have tried everything that I can think of, new blades, new belt, lubed every (all 3 blade) fittings; replaced the breather filter & both spark plugs; still it does not have enough power to mow my level normal lawn grass. It just bogs down to the point of dying. My old Snapper LT11 with half the HP never loses a rpm mowing this very same grass. Seems that something has killed at least half of my horses, or there is a major deck problem.

Ideas and/or suggestions appreciated.

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