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Why don't all nurseries have the SAME tree hardiness zone info?

10 years ago

HI everyone. Good day to all.

I am due to get my large tree order from Forest Farm on Monday but I went ahead and placed one more order from them just one. For just one more tree.

Koelreuteria paniculata The Golden Raintree.

I love this tree. It is not invasive in my area in Western NY. Please don't give me flack on this tree. I love it, my last one got devoured by a herd of voles and I am now replacing it.

My question is this. I just hung up with Forest Farm and they list on their webiste that it is hardy to zone 6. But EVERY other website on the internet says to zone 5. To compund my confusion, 1/2 the websites out there say I am zone 6 and the others say I am 5b. Arborday says Im 6 if that matters. I asked Forest Farm why they list it hardy to zone 6, and asked if their Golden Raintree was of a different cultivar that made it less hardy than the others and she said no. She said Ray is conservative in his hardiness zone estimates.

I know someone who has a mature Golden Raintree in a suburb of Buffalo and it is gorgeous, so I know it is hardy to this area.

I just wish that all the information out there was the same. That there was some sort of consensus on hardiness zones of everyone and of the hardiness of trees.

I am glad though to have found Forest Farm, they really make you feel like you are the only customer they have.

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