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EuroDesert Roses: Spolight on Hybrid Musks

12 years ago

Hi all,

As most of you know, Cliff is having to close EuroDesert Roses and has been offering the mother plants and the potted plants for sale. Originally, he made available lists of all of his offerings and sold quite a few - if you're like me it was hard to focus with so many to chose from.

I've attached the link to his Spotlight on Hybrid Musks.

For those of you who have asked if it is too late to plant them, Cliff has comments on that in his post which I include below. To that I will also add the common sense comment:

If you would by a 5 or 15 gallon pot from your local nursery to add to the garden, then you should have the same confidence with Cliff's shippings.

From Cliff:

"Since we continue to receive inquiries asking whether it's now too late to receive and plant our roses, I'll repeat what I wrote in the last update. The answer is a resounding, "No, it isn't!" These are not the type of bare root roses you might have ordered and received in the past. They are not dormant plants that were dug weeks or months ago and stored at cool temperatures. These are actively growing mature rose bushes that are dug from the garden, cut back, soaked and packed for shipping, and they arrive at your home full of life and ready to burst forth with new growth.

As many of you know, in 2006 we moved all 5,000 roses from the Palm Springs area in the low desert to the current location in the high desert. We started the move in August, 2006 with daily high temperatures in the low desert above 110 degrees F (and often above 115 F). Roses were dug from the ground in those temperatures in the worst part of the low desert summer, and out of 5,000 roses we lost no more than a dozen.

If you have questions about how to plant your new roses, Paul Zimmerman has kindly offered to host a discussion in the forum on the Paul Zimmerman Roses website, and I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of his offer. He has a terrific new website, well worth a visit even if you don't have any questions for the forum...(see newsletter for Paul's link)"

Good Hunting!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Spotlight on Hybrid Musks

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