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Sprinkler System Leak - any idea's?

16 years ago

OK, I have a weird problem that has so far befudeled two sprinkler repair people - so I'm looking for any ideas. I live in Utah and we are on a private well that has a constant pressure pump. When our lawn sprinklers come on everything is fine, the problem lies when our drip system zones are used. When the first drip zone timer ends the well pump stays on idicating some type of leak. When I turn the main sprinkler water valve off, the well pump naturally turns off. After a few minutes, if I turn the main sprinkler water valve back on, the well pump stays off, indicating no more water leak. Now here is the weird part, we have a waterfall that has an automatic filler that is tied into the sprinkler system. It has its own zone and also has a float valve to shut off the water flow once it is at the proper level. Now when the waterfall is running, everything is as described above, but if you turn the waterfall off and then run the drip zones, then the well pump stays on. If I turn off the main sprinkler water valve off the leak stops, but when I turn it back on the leak is still there. Confusing as to why the running of the waterfall should affect the sprinkler valves (if that is where the leak is). If anything I would think having extra water in the waterfall tank (because the waterfall pump is off) where the float valve is would make it less likely to leak. I have been trying to run each drip zone one at a time and have found this problem with one zone consistntly and another zone on occasion. I plan on trying to create the same leak with the waterfall running and then seeing if I can figure out if a valve is leaking by listening at each valve for flowing water. Any other ideas? Thanks in Advance.

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