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add-it fertilizer injector/fertigation questions

10 years ago

Good afternoon!

I recently made the conversion to drip irrigation in my veggie garden, but I'm having some problems finding any information applicable to small gardens on calculating application rates, times, and products.

My garden is in two zones, the first with nine 20 foot rows (tomatoes, peppers, beets, okra, squash), the second zone is seven 30 foot rows (corn with squash, cucumbers, and pumpkins mixed in). In the past, I had broadcasted a granular fertilizer then watered it in. After the first season of this method, I started adding composted manure and individually fertilizing mounds and plants using Medina Hasta Gro. During the last year I have added about an inch of rabbit manure to the first zone, along with about a yard of composted manure. The second zone (with corn) is unamended soil.

I just ordered the small (pint) ADD-IT injector...I plan on using a full pint of Hasta Gro on each zone every 2-3 weeks, but this is a complete shot in the dark. Any ideas/suggestions/feedback? Will this harm my garden? Is this too little to make a noticeable difference?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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