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Automatic sprinkler system no longer works after brownouts

10 years ago


After a series of brownouts last year, my automatic sprinkler system stopped working. The sprinkler controller's display had shut off. The system itself still worked if I manually opened the solenoids by turning them counter-clockwise.

I thought the controller had been fried, so I bought a new Rain Bird controller (similar in model to what was previously installed) to test with. Before disconnecting the wires from the previous controller, I took a picture so I could hook up the wires in the same order/color to the new controller.

With the wires snugly attached to the new controller in the same order as they had been connected to the previous controller, I programmed the controller to start watering Zone 1. Nothing. I tried manually watering all 4 of my zones using the Water Zone Now feature on the controller. Again, nothing.

I returned the new controller and hooked up the wires to the old controller, which I had discovered just needed to be reset. I can still program that controller just fine. Aside from when I swapped out the controllers, I haven't adjusted the wiring since I bought the house a few years ago. I certainly haven't touched the wiring in the valve control box out in the yard.

Is the likely culprit a set of four fried solenoids?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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