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Help! Planting 20 trees tomorrow and I need quick advice

10 years ago


I fully *get* that native soil is best. No question about it. And our native soil really is the best. It's a moist, sandy, gravelly, drain-in-a-flash kind of soil. I am surrounded by maples and trees of all kinds by property owners who do NOTHING for their trees, no mulch, no watering, nothing and yes the trees flourish.

But here's my problem. I am planting 1 gallon trees. And I just had a memory of what a pain in the you-know-what it was when we planted our other trees a few years ago of how it was nearly impossible to get enough soil back into the hole after putting the tree in. When we dug the hole it seemed like most of it was grass and the grass' roots that we dug up and by the time we got to the beautiful soily stuff the hole was already big enough for the tree for the the root flare to be seen. I hated having to squeeze what little soil I could out of those grass roots. Do other people have this problem or is it just me????

My husband then had to go to another part of the yard and dig holes to get down to the soil to back fill our planting holes. It was a pain in the you know what, and he's a great guy, would do anything for me, but he was not enjoying having to dig in another area just to have soil to fill the hole. These trees are MY loves, and he knows if I am happy, then he is happy. lol So he helps me, but it's one thing to plant a few trees and another to plant TWENTY trees!

So I went to the big box store and bought giant bags of Scott's Tree and Shrub soil, one bag for each hole. I came home and basically said honey, your troubles are over! No more digging for soil, I have it ALL here. He was so happy...

And then he drove off to work and I grabbed a bag and read it. :( On the bag it says that you STILL have to mix it with your native soil! No no no! Please God no! I love these trees and devote a lot of time to them, but this is so not what I want to do. Can I cheat and just buy bags of scott's Hyponex or something and use that as the *native* soil to mix in?

I know it may not be the best but I just can't bear the thought of having to dig and dig and dig for soil. We have no soil problems here. If anything, my fear is that it will make the hole less draining since our native soil drains faster than our bathtub.

What is the worst that could happen here? If I have to take this stuff back I will but it will royally, royally tick me off to have to do so.

*If my post reads like a 13 year old who doesn't want to do her chores, I fully concede that.*

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