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Pump for Irrigation System

11 years ago

Hi All,

I have a greenhouse drip irrigation system that I've set up. It's 8 raised beds that are 2x2. It has maybe 10 hanging baskets in it also. So far I've gotten all the emitters and drip tubing set up and running. My one problem is, the system requires a psi between 20-30. The whole system set up requires 175 gph, which I don't have everything hooked up so it should require less gph than that. I'm guessing around 125 bph. My question and help that I'm needing is, I'm trying to find a water pump that I can use with the system. My water source is from some rain barrels and a water holding tank. Both which I have enough opening to drop a submersible pump into. I just can't find a water pump that would work! ARGH! *rips hair out that's left* If anyone could help me out here, I'd be greatful. I'm looking for a pump that can dish out 20-40 psi. The drip irrigation isn't that long or big, it's a 7x15x7 greenhouse so shouldn't require that big of a pump. Hope someone can help me!



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