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Carex dying out in center

15 years ago

One of my favorite foliage plants is Carex Evergold. Having a problem tho. Every care note I've read says you are supposed to cut back last yrs foliage in the early spring to allow new foliage to appear - like other grasses. Every yr I forget that I did this - and every yr it takes forever for the new growth to appear, and some of them die out in the center of the plant leaving a big brown chopped off spot in the middle. I always thought this was a shade tolerant plant and I've used it to underplant a number of larger spring things like peonies, astilbe, hellebores.

Now I read on Santa Rosa Gardens website that Carex should be a sun plant planted in moist almost boggy summer conditions with dry care in the winter if its deciduous.

Thats kind of hard to produce since here in the midwest its dry in summer and wet in winter.

Anybody having great long term luck w Carex - esp Evergold? I really love this plant and think its gorgeous all summer and vastly underused.

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