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Evaluate my plans of action for new bed creation

9 years ago

I'm making new vegetable beds in existing lawn areas. I've only grown vegetables in Earthboxes before, though I've been gardening for several years in my shade perennial garden. I'm just a little clueless about creating new beds.

Background: I just dug down into the lawn to check out the soil, and it looks great for the depth of the spade, then it's pure sand. Not sure what kind of grass this is, but it's New England, so doubtful it's one of the terribly agressive grasses I've read about. Raised beds are not an option as they would be damaged by the snowplow. Sheet composting would be perfect, but I don't have months to wait. I'll do that for more beds this fall. I've read so much but advice is conflicting about tilling, double digging, bringing up dormant weed seeds, disturbing the topsoil the sod currently grows in.

Here are the two plans of action I'm considering:

1. Remove sod, double dig, add compost, then leaf mold mulch, plant transplants. Stack sod in a corner of the yard to decompose.

2. Same as above, but till instead of double digging.

3. Remove sod, flip it upside down and replace, cover with compost and leaf mold mulch, plant transplants.

Do I need to double dig? Will I regret not doing it when I get forked root veggies?

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