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Ornamental Grasses: Pennisetum Invasive, Miscanthus Not?

15 years ago

I wanted a perennialist's view, so I am posting here, not the grass forum.

I had several clumps of Pennisetum orientale, fountain grass, and it reseeded into the lawn in about a hundred places. It took years to dig up the little clumps, making the lawn look like a battlefield! Years after, some were still surviving. Are all Pennisetums like this?

I have collected a lot of Panicums, switch grass. Some of them grow very big, so I will probably regret that.

Karl Foster grass is infertile and a great choice.

I am looking at Miscanthus. I had zebra grass, but it lodged (fell over) and got too big. I hurt the soul of my foot digging it out! So I am looking for something smaller. Do you have any experience with M. 'Adagio' or 'Little Kitten'?

Do you find that Miscanthus reseeds/is invasive?

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