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Rose care basics?

11 years ago

So, I have ordered my first rose (high country roses), and would like to not kill it right off the bat once it gets here. It's a General Jacqueminot (my fraternity's flower), and it's headed for a large plastic pot (21", if I remember correctly) since I currently am renting.

I was planning on using Al's gritty mix recipe, since I read roses like well draining soil, and I have a tendency to overwater things. I'll probably need a forklift to move the thing, so how much protection will this rose need during the winter?

For fertilizer, I already have the dyna gro that I got for my citrus, and some stinky pastey fish fertilizer I don't recall the name of. Do roses prefer a different formulation, or will what I have be fine?

Does this setup sound feasible? Is there anything in particular I should know about caring for this type of rose?

Perhaps I just worry too much sometimes.

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