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Climbing rose rejuvenation/hard pruning?

12 years ago

I have a 3 year old Sky's The Limit climber that developed an issue with what I suppose is black spot and I didn't notice it due a bout of pneumonia, and had pretty bad dieback on the canes last year-removed all but one cane in an attempt to find live tissue.

It sprouted one new cane this spring, so I have a grand total of two canes. The oldest cane is three years old, and completely defoliated for the first (approximately) four feet (then it branches out into standard issue rose brush.) It was planted with the intention of covering a wooden railing, and it was my understanding that canes should be allowed to harden before tying off to the trellis (and then the whole dieback problem came on).

Would I be better off to go ahead and tie the oldest cane to the trellis now, and hope that it regrows foliage in a horizontal position, or should I wait until next spring, cut it back to the 'stump' and tie off the single remaining cane at THAT time?

OR should I shovelprune and just start over? If I need to post pictures to show the situation a little more clearly, I can do that in a couple hours.

Thank you!

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