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Help me save my 4 beautiful Maple trees!

11 years ago

I have 4 beautiful mature (25') maple trees in my front yard.

We have had a lot of rain in our area so I arranged for a inspection of my storm drain. The inspector said he could only get his camera partway through the line because it is clogged with roots.

He said he could trench and replace the entire line with PVC or we could do it the cheaper way and have it augered out. Said we'd have to do this every other year or so since the roots will grow back.

We decided to go with the augering after we learned that trees can be harmed from trenching.

We hired a plumber/sewer specialist to come out and auger the drain but the darn thing got stuck. Their 'remedy' is to trench a hole where the auger is stuck and replace that part of the drain with a new 3' piece of pvc. Of course they 'promised' it wouldn't hurt my trees.

This is exactly what I wanted to avoid. I told them this when they showed up. It angers me that I paid them $250.00 for a job (they screwed up) and now have to look forward to an additional cost of $600-1,000.00 to fix their mistake.

I'm worried that the trenching will hurt the trees but the damage won't show up until later. I've heard it can take years for a tree to die from this.

Is there a way to do this with an eye toward the most minimal stress to the trees? How do I make the company responsible if the trees dies and falls on my house down the road?

The plumbing co. said they would be out at the end of next week or the week after to 'retrieve' their equipment. I have half a mind to hire another company to do the retrieval instead of rewarding the first for messing up the job in the first place and then charging me for it.

What would fellow tree lovers do in this case?

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