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New Home - irrigation system expansion question

17 years ago

My wife and I are buying a new house in Cary, NC. The house sits on a .29 acre lot. The builder has included in the price of the house sod and an irrigation system for the front and side yard. The back and part of the other side yard are to be seeded.

The house isn't done yet - so nothing has been done to the yard. It's still NC clay. Now we've started talking to the landscaping company. My question for this forum is:

1) What types of questions should we be asking the landscaping company about the irrigation system? WeÂre very new to this  I apologize for such a basic question.

2) Since they're already planning an irrigation system for the front - what sort of price would be reasonable for the back? I've included a diagram of the yard. The back is approximately 6300 sq feet. I'm assuming an irrigation system for the back would be less than normal since they already have the cost of doing the front.


Let me know if I'm leaving out any details that might help you respond.

Thanks in advance,


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