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help with planning/designing irrigation system

13 years ago

I recently purchased a 1 acre lot that is located along a main road that has the city water supply line running across the utility easement. I'm NOT constructing a home on the lot. I'm building a small greenhouse and will plant the entire acre with my conifer and japanese maple collections, and other various ornamental trees and plants.

Where can I find information on designing/planning the system. I've briefly searched the internet and have several books on sprinkler systems, but most discuss small residental systems. I want to use the better quality commercial parts like golf courses use because they last longer.

Maybe I'm making this harder than it is? Is this project similiar to my residential sytem except more watering zones?

I'm very crafty and can do all the work myself. Just need some self help/teach information to get me started. Any ideas on where to look?


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