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Good Grief, Somethings Eating My Rose Buds!

15 years ago

I have 4 Icebergs planted in front of a split rail fence. This morning I noticed several buds (probably close to 100) along the fence were picked/chewed off by something. None of the foliage was chewed, just the new tender buds at the very top of the stems. At first I thought it was squirrels as those darn critters are always doing damage to my plants. However, I also saw quite a few bird droppings on the leaves, ground and fence and noticed a couple of robins sitting there. I also have a potted Memorial Day up against the fence and a large bud has clear evidence it was picked at (but not off). If it was a squirrel IÂm sure it would have taken the entire bud and the branches are too high for rabbits. Has anyone else had problems with birds eating rose buds? Did anything prove effective in stopping them? I sprayed the bushes with hot pepper wax, but I'm sure that won't deter them.



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