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Grey Fungus In Soil After Tilling In Grass Clippings

16 years ago

Hello All,

I just tilled up (for the last time) a new garden extension. This time I gathered grass clippings and covered the area about 6" deep. I added other ammendments such as old bagged leaves, composted chicken manure, lime, and soybean meal.

It has been 2 days and I dug a shovel full and found that 2" below the surface the soil is full of a grey fungus. It permeates the entire area and sort of holds the soil together and makes it a bit clumpy.

Are these actinomycetes? Those are good guys right? Or do I have a big problem?

On another area 2 years ago I used LOTS of cotton gin trash compost. I don't remember seeing this grey fungus. I do remember seing something like this under a tomato plant where I had added similar ammendments to the planting hole. It didn't seem to hurt the tomato plant. The tomato vines were about 15' long.

Thanks for you help.

--- Mike

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