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question about rose mosaid virus

10 years ago

Hi everyone - in my last year's order from David Austin Roses, I ordered Princess Alexandra of Kent. I have read people here on the forum raving about what a great rose it is, and have seen gorgeous pictures of it. But for me, it never thrived. The plant stayed really puny, and the flowers were quite small, stingy, and not all that nice. I figured it was just because it was a first year rose, and needed time. Over the winter it had a lot of die-back. Now, as it leafs out, its showing what appears to me to be classic rose mosaic virus on its leaves. So my question is: do you think they sent me a virused plant, or could it have picked up the virus while in my garden? If it seems likely it arrived with virus, I think it would be fair for me to request a replacement or refund (particularly considering how expensive their plants are!) But of course if it probably got sick while in my care, then of course I don't want to hold them responsible. I'd love to hear any opinions on this - thanks in advance!

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