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Too late to prune, older growth stunted?

9 years ago

I didn't cut back a couple of my roses last month. Maybe a snip here and there but nothing major. The weather has been so back and forth, cold warm, cole warm, and generally a pretty cold spring overall.

They mostly began to leaf out but then stopped. Some have a couple great new canes that did grow well, some of the older canes (by old I don't mean woody, just last years or so) did nothing and still have leaves from last year. Some of the new bud eyes swelled and then seemed to stop and turn brown which I guess was cold damage.

Prompted by the haircut that deervssteve posted, I am wondering if I made a mistake no trimming them back more. I'm in a colder zone, so I don't know if it is too late for me or not on the few that are not doing much.

I thought I wanted to keep most of the growth as they are not very big, but now I am having second thoughts.

Is it too late to prune? Will they set buds on the canes that have not really done anything? I see some buds on newer canes, but perhaps what I am seeing on the older ones is blind growth and no new buds will form if I don't trim them back? SOme of the budeyes swelled and then did nothing.

The budeyes that seemed to go crisp when we got some cold snaps are just sitting there. Should I prune below all of them or just down a couple?

I have one mini (Ruby Ruby) in a pot that has done nothing at all. Lost most of her leaves and has lost of twiggy growth that turned yellow in the cold. Should I prune her back to thicker growth and remove the twiggy stuff? I have just been snipping it as it has turned yellow, but maybe a better hair cut is in order.

Toro and Double Delight are one or two cane wonders, so I left that growth thinking that they would need it. Maybe not. A couple of my other bare roots from last year are showing much more new growth and have set buds, but not them. Would they do better if I cut them back? The ones that are doing better (heriloom, for example) had far less growth last year than those two, but came back well and has set many buds. Those two, pretty well stunted with last years leaves and not too much else. I'm so confused.

Any suggestions?

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