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What Are The Best Fire Extinguishers For Home And Car use?

12 years ago

What Are The Best Fire Extinguishers For Home And Car use?

I recently lost my 1993 Ford Explorer to a Dash Fire or Electrical Melt-Down while trying to start the engine. This was my first related starting problem w/o a dead battery or starter. There was not ever a flame visible. When I saw signs of smoke coming from under the dash: I disconnected the battery, felt for a warm fuse, started firing under the dash with a CO2 extinguisher. I fired in the blind until the smoke stopped. As the dash, instrument cluster and AC vents showed openings due to the heat, I fired in the openings and AC vent. The smoke or heat was never too intense to step away from the opened doors. A preliminary inspection showed the heat was coming from a melting/charred wiring harness. That was connected at the ignition switch on the steering column and confined to that area.

What could I have done different? The CO2 extinguisher had very little affect on the hot melting wires toward cooling them. It had to be a direct short not associated with the battery or fuse when I noticed the smoke. loger

PS. 116,000 total mi avg 3,000 yearly since retirement. I was set for years to come or at least to think about what I wanted to learn to drive after all these years. "Time Brings About A Change"!

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