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Dogwoods: 'Appalachian Spring' vs. 'Venus'

Hi all,

I have been wanting a white-flowered dogwood for quite some time now. I have narrowed my choices down to Cornus florida 'Appalachian Spring' and the complex (kousa x nuttalii) x kousa hybrid Cornus 'Venus'.

Both are said to be vigorous, free blooming and resistant to many pesky dogwood ailments, especially anthracnose.

I was wondering if anyone is growing either of these trees and can speak of their experiences with them?

I am not sure whether to go with the classic, wildflowery 'Appalachian Spring', or the later blooming, huge-flowered 'Venus'. Both look gorgeous and both would be perfect for the setting I have in mind. But I can only choose one! Please help me decide.

Thanks in advance for any advice, commentary or input.


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