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Peace rose question

10 years ago

My Peace rose is a few years old. It a bit over 6' tall. There is nothing growing down low. Its all up top. So I basically have 3 thick tall stalks that then branch out on top. I arch them and peg them or tie them to keep them arched and then get long tall stalks off of those arches with enormous blooms that when open are about 6 inches. I just love these roses. My question is about pruning. How far down do I prune? Do I cut down those enormous canes? I have always cut off anything dead down to the bottom of the plant and always trim down those arching branches that produce the blooms but never cut down those 3 main canes that come up from the root unless they die off. Is it possible to promote more growth below and get a bushier rose bush or is this how the Peace rose grows? On the tag I recall it was a hybrid long stem peace rose and it said to expect it to grow 10' or taller. I can say that when those arches produce long stems with a rose bud on the end they certainly look like long stem roses. Anyway, should I cut down the main canes and if so when? End of fall when its done blooming? or Early spring? Trying to find info online about how to prune this big girl but not having much luck.

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