again - stihl vs. echo low end...

14 years ago

I know this has been covered, but still looking for specifics. I have a small 1/4 lot with no real brush to speak of. Narrowed choices to the stihl fs55r and the echo srm 210 - both $199 @ dealer. Just got a stihl bg55 blower, and I am very satified with it's performance. Is there enough difference between the echo and the stihl trimmers to justify one over the other? The attachment of the echo motor to the shaft looked different, and the handle felt pretty soft too - but foam handles tend to crack. The stihl also looks good, and I already own the bg55. I doubt that using stihl mix in an echo would make any difference, would it? What size line does either use (I have a mile of .080 line)? Which is quieter? Is the stihl just as good with 3 years less warranty?

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