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Questions about planting new dogwoods - HELP!

10 years ago

Hi, I'm a new poster, (I sure hope I'm doing this right!). My weeping willow died last spring and we had the stump ground to pieces. Now we are left with a nice opening in our yard. My wish is to buy 2 variegated dogwood trees - one with white blooms, the other with pink or red blooms - and buy them young/small and at the same time so I can plant them together, in the same hole, which will be several feet from where the willow was. After planting, I plan to wrap/twist the stems together, tying them to a stake to keep them upright and straight, thus allowing the 2 trees to grow into what would look like one tree, with a twisted trunk, but I may not do this, it's just a thought. I've had a lot of trouble choosing the right trees. I really like "Akatsuki", which has pink blooms and white variegation. It only gets about 10 feet in height - which, after enough time, probably would grow to a more likely 15 to 20 feet. That's the size range that I want. But now I'm stuck and can't decide which white flowered D.W. to choose now. I realize too, that it would need to be pretty much the same full grown size/hardiness/etc. Has anyone had experience with variegated dogwoods - growing, ordering, problems with pests/diseases/etc? Or any advice on where to look online? The place where I will plant them is full sun until noon or shortly thereafter and I have pretty good soil, some clay though, and I will amend the soil when I plant them. Any advice or suggestions will be so appreciated, so thank you in advance! Nancy

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