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2 WS2000s together vs. planted separately?

15 years ago

Have a question....see if you can picture this:

We have 2 Wm. Shakespeare 2000s that arrived from Pickering the other day...getting ready to plant here.

Originally they were going to replace 2 separate Intrigues near our entryway, separated by peonies and daylilies. The colors are similar, but Intrigue just doesn't bloom enough.

I may still dig them out to replace with Wm. Shakespeare 2000, but they were very hard to dig out when I tried last fall. Maybe I can get my husband to help me, but if not, I guess the Intrigues will just stay there, and I'll plant the 2 Wm. Shakespeare 2000s somewhere else.

I know that usually ppl like to plant in groupings of 3, but I'm wondering if a group of just two would look better or worse than just having 2 specimen shrubs.

Any thoughts welcome. I do love the WS2000 we have growing elsewhere on our property. :0) Phyl

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