Oak floor boards okay for composter?

8 years ago

Hello All,

After giving away my plastic, stacking composter in a move last year, I'm planning on building a replacement myself. I want to make a wooden version of the sectional, stacking-type composter, which is basically four squares that stack on top of one-another with a lid (you re-stack the squares when you turn the pile).

Anyway, I've purchased some inexpensive pine boards for this project, knowing they will probably rot out after a couple of years and need to be replaced. I don't want to go to the expense of buying cedar or redwood at this time.

An idea occurred to me to use some of the leftover oak planks we used to redo the hardwood floors in my house. They are 5" wide, and I have enough leftovers to make the stacking sections. I'm just wondering about any toxicity that might be in the wood - they are pre-finished on the surface. I was planning on using the back of the planks to face inward, in other words, the compost would come not come in direct contact with the laquered finished side, but I'm not sure if there are other toxins used in making these pre-finished hardwood floor boards.

If anyone has any experience or knowledge of this type of lumber, I'd really appreciate your thoughts. I figure the oak planks will look nice and last longer than cheap pine, but not if they turn out toxic compost. Thanks!

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