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Students after feedback on Greenhouse idea's

9 years ago

Hello everyone,

I/we are a group of students studying on a Product Development and Innovation Bachelor Degree in Denmark. We are from a cross professional background, including electronics, automation, construction and IT technologists.

As our chosen field of development we are interested in developing concepts focussed on greenhouse ideas and automation. We have 4 concepts we would like to gain feedback on via an online questionnaire, 20 multiple choice questions (3-5 minutes approximately). We would also be interested in your personal views regarding the concepts, so please speak freely with good or bad comments, either here or in the comments section at the link below. The questionnaire is created using Google Docs, all the results are open for viewing at the bottom of the survey.

Thank you for reading this and hope you can take a moment of your time to look at the survey..

If you have an questions feel free to ask, and I will be happy to answer them.


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