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Ideas for small tree/large shrub?

10 years ago

Hi there,

I am looking for ideas for a small tree or large shrub, to go in a mobile home lot. The lot is 40' x 120', and I will be planting in in area that gets morning sun from the south-east, and is in the shade of the mobile home by 4 or 5pm in the summer. The point is to give me a bit of privacy from my neighbor, and to have something pretty seen from the windows (the bottom of the windows are about 5 - 6' above ground level). I prefer something that takes pruning well, so I can open up the lower area of the plant (if a shrub = not grazing the ground, and if a tree, something I can walk under). Drought resistance when established is a big plus. Multiple season interest is a HUGE plus. Right now I have two Profusion crabapples and a larger viburnum on the opposite side of my mobile home, lilacs in the back, and various spireas and hydrangeas in spots. I'm looking for something different, not wider/taller than 20' x 25', unless it can take pruning to keep in within that size.

I had thought about a kousa dogwood, but they seem intolerant to drought? I may just go with another viburnum since I love them so, but they can look ratty after the spring - this will be seen by the main road in the park I live in, and the park owner is a stickler for neatness! I've also thought about a pussy willow (they were my late mother's favorite) but I've read they are water hogs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am located in z6, at about 2500 ft elevation in the Virginia Appalachians.


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